Senior Cat Bundle
Senior Cat Bundle
Senior Cat Bundle
Senior Cat Bundle

Senior Cat Bundle

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As your cat gets older, you may see signs of aging like arthritis, decreased cognitive function, cardiac disease, and other health issues. Pet supplements can be beneficial at any stage in life but during their senior years, it's extremely important to provide nutrients and natural remedies that are not found in their regular diet. 

FERA's co-founder and veterinarian Dr. Dulake custom formulated each supplement with clean, high quality ingredients and ensures your cat receives the correct effective dose.

Give your senior cat the best with FERA's Senior Cat Discounted Bundle!

The Senior Cat Bundle includes:

Organic Probiotics with Prebiotics for Dogs and Cats
Non-GMO Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats - 8oz
Organic Mushrooms for Dogs and Cats
Cardiac Support for Dogs and Cats - 60 capsules
Bladder Support for Dogs and Cats


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