Naken Berries & Cream Cake for Your Dog

Naken Berries & Cream Cake for Your Dog

*Disclaimer Supplement Doses are for a dog weighing 60lbs please adjust dosage according to the instructions on each individual package and your dog’s weight. *


Your dog is going to love this 3-layer cake made with healthy whole food ingredients and super charged with Fera Pet Organic’s supplements. Start with a banana, mushroom, oat cake made with 4 simple ingredients. A berry filling boosted with Fera Pet Organics Cardiac Support Supplement. Finished with a two-ingredient icing made with plain Greek yogurt and Fera Pet Organics Bladder Support. The cranberries turn the yogurt a delightful pink color. Each element is made with healthy ingredients commonly found in your kitchen!

 banana oat cat for your dog

Banana Mushroom Oat Cake Recipe



1) Preheat the oven to 350 F. You will need a round cake pan, mixing bowl, whisk, and blender. Personal cake sized cooked cutters in your choice of shape, we used a heart.

2) Start by taking your ripe bananas and whisking them with the egg. 

3) When combined add Fera Pet Organics Mushroom supplement one scoop at a time mixing well between. Please read the supplement instructions and add the correct dose as per your dog’s weight. When mixed well, set to the side and start to prep your dry ingredients. 

4)Place your cup of oats into your blender and pulse into a coarse oat flour. 

5) Mix your oat flour with your wet ingredients to form a batter. 

6) Grease your baking pan with your oil of choice. We used calendula oil for its health benefits. 

7) Bake until golden brown on top. Approximately 40 minutes.

While your cake is baking you can prepare your icing and berry filling.

 making a cake for your dog

berry filling for a dog cake

Berry Filling

1) Start by microwaving your ½ cup of frozen berries with ½ cup of water until the mixture is hot and the berries are cooked. 

2) Remove from the microwave very carefully and smash the cooked berries with a fork. 

3) Open your capsule(s) of Fera Pet Organic’s Cardiac Support Supplement and blend into your berries. Please read the supplement instructions and add the correct dose as per your dog’s weight. 

4) Add your teaspoon of cornstarch and mix thoroughly to avoid clumps. It may require more time in the microwave to thicken properly. Heat in 10 second intervals until the mixture gets a glossy look and thicker texture. 

5) Set your berries to the side to cool until you are ready to assemble your cake.

 berry filling for a dog cake

pink dog friendly icing

Dog Friendly Pink Cranberry Icing

1) Blend the plain Greek yogurt and Fera Pet Organics Bladder Support supplement together until fully combined. Please read the supplement instructions and add the correct dose as per your dog’s weight.  

2) When they are fully mixed together, place the mixture into the fridge to keep it cool until you are ready to assemble your cake.

pink dog friendly icing

3 layer healthy pup cake

Assemble Your Dog’s Cake!

1) Remove your cake from the oven and allow it to cool thoroughly. Once cooled, remove from your cake pan. 

2) Use your cookie cutter to cut your cake, we were able to get two hearts from our circular pan. The leftovers were shared with the other dogs. 

3) We assembled our cake on the tray we intended to serve it on. Then added a layer of berries, then icing. We added the second cake and topped it with icing. 

4) We then topped the icing with the largest berry chunks remaining in the mixture. 

5)We finished by placing the cake into the freezer for 15 minutes until we were ready to serve. Before serving we cleaned the edges and tray for a crisp clean look. 

This was a single serve cake that one of our staff’s 60lb golden retriever ate herself. Please read the supplement instructions and add the correct dose as per your dog’s weight.  

 berries and cream 3 layer dog cake

If you decide to make this cake for your dog, please use #ferapets and #ferapetorganics because we’d love to see! 

Have your homemade birthday cake make all the other dogs on the block jealous. Trendy and easy to make, you’re going to want to try this naked berries & cream cake for your dog’s next birthday bash! Double the recipe to share with your four-legged guests!

 3 layer dog cake

Upgrade Your Pet’s Health the Natural Way

At Fera Pet Organics, we’re committed to using only the most natural high-quality ingredients to keep your furry family members healthy and happy for as long as possible. 

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