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General Supplement Benefits

Vitamins and supplements have been used for many years to help optimize nutrition and enhance health for humans. Generally, supplements are taken to: 

  • Maintain overall health
  • Support mental acuity
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Boost and support the immune system

Many people take daily supplements to provide nutrients that may be lacking in their diet. For example, athletes take Joint supplements and Fish Oil to enhance their performance and strength and help prevent arthritis. Could these same supplements and concepts be used to help optimize our pet’s nutrition and health as well?

Pet Food and Nutrition

It is necessary to provide your pet with nutritious food daily as a baseline for optimal health. Veterinary nutritionists and pet nutrition companies have researched pet nutrition and developed pet foods specifically tailored for your pets daily nutritional needs. There are an array of over the counter pet foods and veterinary prescription diets that provide your pet with all the essential nutrients needed to live a healthy lifestyle.  

There are pet foods designed for specific:

  • Age ranges (puppy/kitten, adult, and seniors)
  • Activity levels (working, sport, and couch potato)
  • Breeds (Great Dane, Labrador, French Bulldog, Chihuahua, etc.)
  • Life stages (gestation, lactation)
  • Medical conditions (IBD, renal disease, etc.)
  • Genetic predispositions (i.e. uric acid production in Dalmations)

Pet Nutritional Supplements

Your veterinarian can help you decide which pet food is ideal for your pet based on their health and lifestyle requirements. Sometimes these diets don’t meet all of your pet’s nutritional or health needs, so your veterinarian can recommend additional supplements to help meet all of their nutritional needs.  

Pet supplements can:

  • Improve joint comfort and enhance joint strength and flexibility
  • Promote proper digestion and help reduce loose stools
  • Enhance the immune system and immune response
  • Promote heart function and healthy circulation
  • Enhance urinary tract function and minimize the frequency of UTIs
  • Help achieve a soft and shiny hair coat

Fera Pet Organics offers a variety of veterinary formulated organic supplements developed specifically for cats and dogs. Each supplement is designed to enhance and optimize your pet’s overall health. All Fera Pet Organics supplements are manufactured in the USA under the National Animal Supplement Council’s strict guidelines and bear the NASC seal. 

The most commonly used pet supplements include:

  • Hip + Joint
    • Contains Glucosamine, MSM, and turmeric
    • Supports bone and joint health
    • Enhances joint function
  • USDA Organic Probiotics + Prebiotics
    • Contains over 5 Billion CFUs per scoop
    • Maintains proper gut flora
    • Supports proper digestion
  • Fish Oil
    • Clean, High Quality Fish from Iceland
    • Includes Vitamin E
    • Helps achieve a soft shiny hair coat and reduce skin allergy symptoms

Supplement Safety

Pet supplements are generally considered safe and helpful for many pets. It is important to remember that over the counter human supplements should never be given to your pet due to the potential for toxicity. Pet supplements are formulated to meet your pets specific needs. Always consult your veterinarian before changing your pets diet or adding any supplements to their food. By following these simple rules you can be sure to keep your pet healthy and happy while providing additional tailored nutritional support.

At Fera, we strive to help your pet reach their full potential and optimal health by providing a variety of safe, holistic, and high quality veterinary formulated pet supplements.

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